How mPower has helped others.

Introducing Daphne

Daphne Nisbet, 83 from Wigtownshire, Dumfries and Galloway is just one of the people who has been helped by the project. She has spoken of the positive impact mPower had on her life – watch her story here:

Daphne was referred to the project earlier this year and after completing a Wellbeing Plan with her local Community Navigator, she agreed to give Florence a try to help her to remember to take her medication. After an initial 6-week trial of Florence, Daphne was successfully taking her medication as prescribed. Daphne increased her independence, something which she has expressed is very important to her

Daphne said “Florence is just a text and it’s like a friend really. It’s definitely there to help you”.

Introducing Jessie

After major heart surgery and a long period of recovery at home, Jessie was feeling ready to meet new people. After a visit from a Community Navigator Jessie decided to attend Tai Chi classes to increase her exercise levels gently and help to improve her mobility and balance. After attending one Tai Chi class Jessie said “I love it, Tai Chi is exercise that is easily achievable even for a lady of 80!! It made me feel good about myself again. The group was very friendly and made me feel welcome and I met some lovely new people. Tai Chi is definitely something I want to continue and it has certainly helped my health and the way I feel about myself in a positive way. I just hope more people can benefit from services like mPower.”

Introducing Betty

Following referral, a Community Navigator visited Betty in her home. Betty explained that she would like to learn more about healthy eating and how best to reduce her weight to improve her overall health. Betty was given information about services in her community that could help her to do this and was referred to a local NHS weight management group. In just four months, Betty has lost nearly 3 stone in weight. Betty said “I now feel I understand food better and eat the right foods due to increasing my knowledge and working hard to manage my own weight. People notice the difference in weight and make nice comments which makes me feel good and this has been a great outcome for me. I would recommend getting touch with your mPower team as they can offer all different types of support”.

Introducing John

John was referred to mPower following a period of low mood and generally not getting out and about. A Community Navigator visited John at his home, and they discussed John’s main challenges. John said that he was spending more and more time in the house, his wife was still working but he was retired and was feeling like he wanted to give back to his community in some way. John is now a registered volunteer for the befriending service and has been matched with an older person living in his community. John updated us recently, he said “ I feel like I am giving back to my community and this gives me a sense of pride and a purpose”. He also reported that it has also impacted positively on his mood.

Introducing James

James was referred to mPower via his GP to explore the use of personal alarm to increase his safety while living in his own home. A Community Navigator visited him to discuss the personal alarm and any other needs James may have. James has been diagnosed with macular degeneration which is an age related condition that leads to visual impairment, making it more challenging to navigate around his home and leaving him feeling vulnerable. James is extremely independent and is very keen to stay this way for as long as possible and living alone felt he should now look at ways to increase his safety to give himself and his family peace of mind. The Community Navigator was able to provide James with information about the alarm service that is available and show him the basic package of equipment that is on offer allowing James to become familiar with this and letting him see it before being installed. James felt this was exactly what he needed and requested a referral to the service that can assess his needs further and fit the alarm. James was also referred to the local Visibility service as he was very keen on attending the support/social groups to be able to meet and speak with other people experiencing the same condition as him and to increase social interaction. During a three month review James reported that he now feels safer and more confident while living in his own home. He also reported to be benefiting greatly from the Visibility service.